British Airborne MK1 Paratrooper Helmet i.e. Helmet Steel Airborne Troops BMB 1942 - Nice Used Condition

Increasingly hard to find these days the MK1 Helmet Steel Airborne Troops (HSAT). Used by both parachutist and gliderborne Airborne troops. The MK1 helmet is fitted with fiber rim and leather chinstraps. Production of the MK1helmet begun in June 1942 and continued to the fall of that year, but were used throughout the war. The helmet is overall nice yet IMO refurbished condition. Everything to this helmet is original such as the liner, paint and chinstraps. There are some minor holes around chincup, this is likely caused by the stitching of the soft leather lining in the cup. Interesting is the leather chintrap consisting of a stitched and riveted part. This is a common practice, and I can refer to one of the helmets from my private collection, found in the Arnhem area. Featured on page 128-129 of the book British Airborne Headdress by Oliver Lock. Furthermore the helmet is clearly makers BMB and sized 6 5/8. With the helmet comes an original helmet net. A hard to find piece of Airborne headgear, yet can be upgraded. Priced accordingly.

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