- WH 'A-frame'-bag (or: 'Beutel zum Gefechtsgepäck o. A-Rahmen') being a neat 'standard'- and/or (I deem) mid- ie. later-war-period specimen

This is an attractive example of a so-called: WH 'A-frame- bag (or: 'Beutel zum Gefechtsgepäck') being a neat 'standard'- and/or with certainty mid- ie. later-war-period-produced version in an overall very nice- condition. The bag comes fully complete with all its leather-based lashes, linnen-based side-straps, zinc-based buttons and beige-coloured- and/or linnen closing-straps present and in place. Its a mid- ie. later-war-period version that saw usage by all various WH-troops throughout the war. Both zinc-based rings are naturally fully intact this is also valid for the zinc-based buttons (which are all present and in place). Also, are the (leather-based-) internal closing-straps present The bag is natually fully functional and shows no defaults whatsoever. materials. Simply a neat and scarcely encountered example of a desirable WH 'Beutel zum Gefechtsgepäck' can not be upgrade

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