WH (HEER) Reversible 'Sumpftarn' Camouflage Suit,Head And Gloves - Unussed Condition

A very attractive and nice Unussed example of a WH (HEER) Reversible winter parka and trousers,a head and pair of gloves. The parka and trousers are so-called reverisble with the interior being white i.e. snowcamoflaged and the exterior being executed in the so-called 'Sumpftarn' (Swamp Camoflage). The gloves are as well executed in 'Sumpftarn'.
On both parka and trousers there are some traces of wear yet a very attractive and full set. The parka is marked with RBN numer in the in the interior. There appears to be no size visible, yet IMO a size 2. The parka and trousers were designed large enough to fit over the standard service uniform and will fit a mannequin easily.

Code: 55633