Extremely Rare U.S. (Airborne) First Aid Kit - Nice Used Condition

An extremely rare and iconic piece of U.S. (Airborne) Equipment. This U.S. (Airborne) First Aid Kit.
The U.S. (Airborne) First Aid Kit i.e. Parachute First-Aid Packet was originally designed for every paratrooper, although it was also issued to other Airborne troops, and the first wave assault troops on D-Day. These First-Aid Packets can be found worn in various locations by paratroopers: on the helmet, on the ankle, although most commonly to the suspenders or webbing.
Contents of the Packet:
There is a great variation in the cited contents of the Packet, First-Aid, Parachute, Complete. For example MED 6 of 1 March, 1944 lists the following contents:
Morphine Tartrate, 1 Tube (9115700 )
Sulfadiazine, 8 Tablets (9120400 )
Sulfanilamide, Crystalline, 5, 5-Gm Envelopes (9121100 ) (1 Envelope)
Dressing, First-Aid, Small, Field Brown (9206100)
Tourniquet, Field (9378000)

This particular kit is IMO in nice used condition. Complete with all its contents and unopended. All straps are in good condition and present. Yet the fabric on the front is clearly damaged. Nevertheless a full orginal piece that can be upgraded yet very hard to come by.

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