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British Airborne Fairbairn Sykes Second Pattern Fighting Knive And Leather Scabbard - Nice Used Condition

This is a truly nice and highly desireable British Airborne and/or Commando Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife. This fighting knife compromises a 2nd Pattern. This particular knife is not dated or marked which is not unusual for second pattern fairbairn sykes fighting knives.The fighting knife comes with Original leather scabbard which is in equal nice used condition to the knife.
TheWilkinson Sword Company Designed the designed the Commando Knife acting on the advice of William Ewart Fairbairn and Eric Anthony Sykes. Fairbairn and Sykes had become knife specialists working for the Shanghai Riot Police and they had returned to Britain earlier that year to train Commandos.

Code: 53404Price: 495.00 EUR

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Rare Army Air Force Survival Fishing Equipment - Nice Used Condition

This is very nice used Army Air Force set of Survival Fishing Equipment. The HBT fabric rol is near to complete and comes with Original paper instruction leaflet. The tool rol is designed as an appron s so you'd have easy access to the equipment. A sort of item we do not come across on a regular basis. Hard to upgrade is such condition.

Code: 53415Price: 150.00 EUR

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U.S. Airborne Officers Garisson Cap Badge 1944 - Nice Used Condition

An IMO nice used example of an U.S. Airborne Officers Cap badge. Executed in the distinct officers type fabric and Airborne Blue piping, the cap is badged with general Airborne Badge. The cap is fitted with Original label, although most of the label is partly displaced. Al together a very nice garison cap.

Code: 53414Price: 150.00 EUR

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Rare U.S. (Airborne) Collapsible Fibre Container For Two Pigeons - Unissued Condition

This is a very rare U.S. (Airborne) example off container PG-107/7B i.e. Collapsible Fibre i.e. cardboard container for two carrier pigeons. The container is in very nice unissued condition complete with the fibre divider inside the cage. Very hard to upgrade.

Code: 53412Price: 150.00 EUR

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WH (HEER) Gaiters - Stone Mint Condition

This is an excellent and IMO stone mint pair of WH (HEER) Gaiters. The gaiters do not appear to be marked. Yet both are fully matching and complete with Original leather straps and hooks. Hard to be upgraded.

Code: 53411Price: 85.00 EUR

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U.S. M3 Binoculars And M17 Leather Carrying Case 1944 - Nice Used Condition

In very nice and IMO nice used to near mint condition. This pair of M3 Binoculars. The binoculars are clearly 1944 dated as well as makers marked and fitted with Original carrying strap.
The binoculars come in Original M17 leather carrying case with Original leather carrying sling. Hard to upgrade.

Code: 53410Price: 275.00 EUR

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U.S. Carrier Case Fort Thompson 50-round Drum Magazine - Mint Condition

In very nice IMI mint condition this U.S. Carrier Case. Intended to hold the 50-round drum magazine for the Thompson Submachine Gun.Complete with Original carrying strap and clearly makers marked and 1942 dated.

Code: 53409Price: 200.00 EUR

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U.S. Thompson Sub Machine Gun Canvas Cover - Nice Used Condition

This is a very nice used, possibly unissued condition Heavy Duty canvas carrier case. The case is nicely marked and fitted with a full working zip. The copver is complete with all leather straps and press studs. Hard to be upgraded.

Code: 53408Price: 350.00 EUR

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U.S. Composite Sole Type II Service Boots Size 9D - Nice Used Condition

This compromises a nice used pair of U.S. Composite Sole Type II Service Boots. These boots would have been developed from Service Shoe type I and were added with a rubber heel. These type of boots were produced from October 1940 untill february 1943 when the type 3 service shoe was introduced. These particular boots are in nice yet used condition. Clearly sized 9D marked in the interior as well as the exterior.

Code: 53407Price: 375.00 EUR

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Rare U.S. (Airborne) M5-11-7 Assualt Gas Mask And Rubber M7 Carrier Case - Nice Used Condition

In nice used condition this rare piece of U.S. Airborne Equipment. The light gasmask M5-11-7 was made between february and august 1944. This particular gas mask is nicely 1944 dated and is complete with all straps and Original marked filter. The gas mask comes with Original M7 waterproof carrier case in equal nice used condition to the gasmask. Complete with all straps and full working press studs. A rare and complete piece of U.S. Airborne Equipment!

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